Thomas Jack Brown

Thomas Jack Brown is a video artist, video installation artist and media freelance producer based in Worcestershire, United Kingdom.
His current practice focuses on the reconstructive nature of memory. He does this by hand-crafting archive or self-shot Super8 film to change the captured images on the negatives.

DY8B61 (2021)
Alec Sedgley & Thomas Jack Brown

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DY8B61 is a mixed media installation piece created by abstract artist Alec Sedgley and video installation artist Thomas Jack Brown. DY8B61 aims to show the result of two artists using their different creative practices in a collaborative process during periods of social distancing and lockdown orders during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom.

Strips of Super8 film leader have been affixed across a 16’’ x 24’’ canvas. The canvas was then attached to a converted pottery wheel, coated in a variety of paints and spun at high speed. Once dry, the strips of Super8 film leader were removed from the canvas. The strips of super8 film were then repaired of any fragments of the canvas, spliced back together with HAMA film tape and scanned using a Super8 film digitiser. The digitised film was then edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The edited film is then projected back onto the original canvas.

Additional Super8 film repair work conducted by Hazel Rutter.

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