East End Fashionistas

Photographs by Anthony Webb

East End Fashionistas

Photographs by Anthony Webb

August 2023

General Office is pleased to present its forthcoming exhibition of portrait photographs by Anthony Webb. Anthony’s portraits capture the highly individual and expressive characters who bedazzle the East End of London, one of the most creative and inspiring places in the world. Taken over twelve months (2014-15) these photographs illustrate the landscape of the East End and the self-fashioned individuals who dared to be different.

“All the people in these images were strangers. We shared or played for a few seconds or minutes. My aim as a designer was to record fashion expression. My aim as a photographer was to capture a mood. My aim as an artist was to create a feeling.”– Anthony Webb

After being diagnosed with Bipolar and struggling with his mental health, in May 2019 Ant took his own life.

Ant had hoped to be able to hold an exhibition of his work and we are now able to fulfil this wish. We hope that you enjoy your time here viewing just a few of the images from ‘East End Fashionistas’.

All profits from the sale of photographs, books and cards in this exhibition will go to support the work of St Mungo’s. https://www.mungos.org/

St Mungo’s is one of the UK’s leading homelessness charities. We provide over 2,800 people with housing and support on any given night across London and the South of England. We work to prevent homelessness and support people at every step of their recovery to end homelessness for good.

The family of Anthony Webb and General Office Gallery are grateful for the support of Dunns Imaging in printing these remarkable photographs. https://www.dunnsimaging.co.uk/

Vieunite is a proud supporter of East End Fashionistas exhibition and General Office.

Vieunite is a new online art community that combines an alternative marketplace for artists to sell their work digitally with an innovate digital canvas that has texture accurate display technology. https://vieunite.com/home/