Midsummer News

2022 has been a very busy year so far and there is still more to come. But for now, we are having a short pause to do some maintenance, rebuild the website and continue planning the programme of exhibitions and events through Summer and Autumn.

Gallery open Wednesday – Sunday 11am-4pm during exhibitions. Please check social media for updates.

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Contemporary Studio Glass

14th August - 4th September

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am – 4pm
and Bank Holiday Monday 29th August

We are very pleased to be included in this year’s international Festival of Glass and bring you an exhibition by eight established masters of their particular craft.

David Reekie’s figurative forms, made using lost wax technique, express his unique vision of the human condition. His piece ‘The Unstable Pedestal I’, can be seen in the Biennale at the Ruskin Centre. David’s daughter Morag Reekie’s mischievous, colourful glass sculptures have evolved from drawings inspired by playing with her children. Corrina Field explores the ethereal themes of mysticism and ritual through the combination of glass with raw elements. Martin Andrews’ works attempt to freeze a moment in time, capturing the very essence of the moving material that is molten glass. Vic Bamforth combines hand-painting and glass blowing skills to create one-off internationally collected, sculptural works of art. Steve Jackson’s practice is influenced by the fluidity and spontaneity of the materials. Paul Floyd employs fused, kiln-formed and fire-polished glass in his wall hanging art pieces. Melissa Nicholls’ recent work is an abstract representation of the mind and how it is affected by illness, such as dementia.



16th - 30th October
Launch night - Saturday 15th October ​

In October, we see a welcome return for Rick Sanders’ PoArtry. PoArtry is an annual collaborative project pairing artists and poets to respond to each other’s work. However, this year Rick is mixing it up a bit. He has invited 22 artists to respond to a single soundscape, which was created earlier this year by the sound artist Bill Laybourne in response to a series of messages on the theme of hope left on Rick’s answer machine. The exhibition of work will mix a variety of media with the soundscape, bringing together the artists interpretation of hope. Rick wanted the legacy of Hope Central to continue to drive a dialogue around hope and he sees it as a logical fit to the ethos of PoArtry. He believes that in asking the group of artists to respond to the same soundscape, there will be an additional creative layer to add to the voices of the people who left their individual messages of hope.

Coming Soon

This Quiet House’ gathers new work made in response to a six month period of professional/skill development, supported by an A-N Bursary. Sarah Goudie presents film, drawing and sculptural works that curate her investigations into slow, material led making that consider processes of artistry, repair and endurance. sarahgoudie.com


We are bringing another exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics.

This Quiet House – Sarah Goudie

Exploring Large Scale Drawing

with Sarah Goudie

Renew your art practice and develop your creative space through structured and stimulating drawing activities.

Sarah Goudie presents a number of monthly large scale drawing workshops. Given space and time each person’s language of artistry finds its way to the paper. Each monthly workshop takes a slightly different focus so people who return are able to continue developing their experience.

Fridays 10.30am – 1.00pm:
August 5th, September 9th, October 7th and November 4th

Saturdays 11.00am – 1.30pm:
August 6th, September 10th, October 8th and November 5th

Further Information on the workshop, costs and booking are on the Eventbrite link:
Book on eventbrite


Our friends Allsee Technologies in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University announce a new competition for artists.

This is the first year of the NTU x Vieunite Art Prize, an award to celebrate and advance new and digital art. The theme this year is ‘Biophilia’ – the human instinct to connect with living systems and other living beings. Finalists will have their work publicly displayed on the new Textura digital canvas, a specially developed screen specifically designed for displaying static and moving art, and will have their work profiled on the Vieunite online community, a new application for sharing and selling your art.

There is a prize of £1000 and a first generation Vieunite Textura canvas for first place, and £750 for second place, and £500 for third place.


An Evening with John Sparry

'John and his relics'


Raconteur, historian, jazz musician, bookseller and writer, John will be entertaining us with this moving feast of a talk surrounding interesting objects he has acquired on his travels. Included in this collection is – he claims – the oldest piece of Sunlight soap in the Black Country! Stories behind the objects and the people associated with their history will bring his collection to life in this eclectic assemblage of John’s unique reminiscences.

We welcome visitors back to enjoy exhibitions, events, talks and classes in our upstairs gallery.
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